Free On The Cloud: P u r s u i n g P a r a d i s e – Memories

Pursuing Paradise Memories cover.

Pursuing Paradise artist picture.

Memories dropped by P u r s u i n g P a r a d i s e from BUSINESS CASUAL late last month is free via the labels Bandcamp. The 20 track album tells a very descriptive and somewhat nostalgic love story starting with it’s tracklist, which cryptically titled prepares us for what seems to be a complicated set of love songs. Complicated, maybe, but not difficult to listen to. The sample heavy songs change tempo and tone dramatically leaving the listener surprised and eager for the next change in direction. It’s melodic achievement is relatable to every listener post puberty. The expressed joy of a meaningful relationship

Cover to P u r s i n g P a r a d i s e - Memories (2014)

Cover to P u r s i n g P a r a d i s e – Memories (2014)

disintegrating into a huge pile of shit is guaranteed to challenge the listener leaving he/she with a palatable ear.


ANONIM: Let’s start with the obligatory questions. Tell us a little about yourself, P u r s u i n g P a r a d i s e, and Memories.

P U R S U I N G P A R A D I S E: P u r s u i n g P a r a d i s e is an alias obsessed with romance and the freedom from it. I love the cheesy novels, the chick flicks, the passion you have when you’re with someone, the airy feeling of love. That’s just who I am as a person, so Pursuing Paradise was formed out of it. I want to recreate those feelings through collages of sound.
Memories was created to be relatable to anyone who listened to it. The album tells a full story that everyone has experienced in some way. I wanted the listener to it feel like the album was created specifically for the listener. This romantic story doesn’t exactly have a happy ending, but happy endings are too predictable. But even after the end, the listener still remembers their favorite parts of the album, or the beginning when they first fell in love. And that’s exactly like their past relationships, or maybe it was the one that got away. I wanted the listener to feel those memories flood back to them again.

You put your music up for free digital download. I think it’s a great thing, what inhibits you as a musician to do this?

Love is free, so the music should be.

Hahaha, wow, so here’s the actual reason: It’s pretty much because making music under Pursuing Paradise is like therapy and I’m not trying to make money off of it. Plus it’s sample based music so I don’t want to fall into any trouble doing it.

Will you have future free releases?

Oh yes they’ll probably be free as well

Memories from my perspective is a thoughtful album. Did you start making Memories with any specific ambitions?

Thank you thank you, I appreciate it. Pretty much what I mentioned earlier with wanting every listener to relate to it. Samples, track list, flow, it had to be right for anyone to feel it. That was the big ambition and goal for Memories.

This is a sample heavy album. Can you explain, in a nutshell, the steps you take choosing your sampling?

Sampling is kind of difficult for me to explain. I love it so much though cause I feel like it brings that certain magic to a song, so I’ve been in love with it and finding samples from tunes and all that stuff. For me, I think about how I want the song to go. After that a sample immediately pops into my head and I just go for it. Also I enjoy taking the juiciest parts of songs and looping them until they become a part of the brain. I have some tunes on the album like that as well.

Other than the artists you chose to sample on Memories, what musicians have influenced the direction of your work?

Oh man that’s one of the hardest questions ever.
I listen to way too much music because there’s so much out there to explore and I love it. I’ll go from listening to Danny Byrd to K Camp to Mensa Group International to Cobalt Rabbit to Da Octopusss to Lord Raja to Igorrr in like a minute. I honestly listen to way too much music and I blame it on this 160GB iPod classic I’ve had forever. I also have trouble naming my favorite artist or song cause there’s so much out there and so many genres to hear. I’ll have to give people a list of my top 10 artists of every genre I listen to. Well there’s your answer, whether it’s someone screaming Deathray over distorted drums and synths or Chris De Burgh saying that there’s nobody here repeatedly, it’s all inspired me. I love taking everything in.

I wanna talk about the track list formatting, it paints a pretty tragic story, is that autobiographical?

Haha yeah it can definitely be autobiographical. Some parts are exaggerated and others not as much, but that’s how memories work. Just like everyone else in the world, my heart has been broken. You can’t help making an album and not relating it to yourself in some way. And it may mean something totally different to someone else that hears it, and I like that.

The digital label Business Casual as well as your Soundcloud often list the genre as Vaporwave, what exactly is Vaporwave?

Vaporwave is something special for sure. The definition is different for anyone but the thing I love the most about it is the community. I fell in love with the Vaporwave community and I really wanted to be a part of it. It’s like a psychedelic trip of nostalgia and foreign cultures. It’s almost like a parody of music nowadays with no emotion or soul, but then you emphasize and exaggerate the no emotion part and you get a whole new song. It feels like walking into a business meeting wearing a suit & tie with the suitcase and everything, but you just sit around and meet and talk to really cool people without having to do any paperwork.
I know I sound unbelievably silly right now but that’s what Vaporwave feels like to me.

Will you continue releasing with Business Casual?

I might, or I might try other labels. We’ll see what happens in the future. The label was really friendly and helpful though and I appreciate the support it provided for me.

Have you done any live shows? Are you planning on going on tour or playing some gigs near home at any point in the future?

Not under Pursuing Paradise. I’m sure it’d be pretty cool to tour like that but unfortunately not any time soon. I think doing some online gigs would be fun and I’d definitely be down for that.

Are you working on anything now? Anything worth spoiling for hype? Or are your lips locked?

Hehe I actually have 2 album ideas slowly forming. One will be something the fans are used to, the other is something totally unexpected. I won’t say too much about them though but I’m pretty hyped about it.

Want to give a shout out to your ma, some trifling lady friend,  or anyone else?

Haha I’ll give a shout out to the people who have supported me so far and to all the cool people I’ve met along the way. This community’s a beautiful one and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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